Five must things to follow in search engine optimization

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SEO or search engine optimization are those techniques which helps to get organic and top search results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. We have many tricks and techniques that we can use to promote our products and services on search engines through seo. Seo is also a living for companies providing seo services. But the problem comes when people start using spam and black hat seo techniques to be in top ten results in Google, that's why Google implement its algorithms to stop such spam activities in SERPs (search engine results pages). These days search engines are very smart and can detect any kind of unethical techniques used to promote a website. Many webmasters used automated softwares to generate backlinks faster. They do these things aggressively. To stop these activities over net Google recently launched its two updates called Google Panda and Google Penguin. These are basically software system and able to find out spammers immediately. These algos punished many websites after launched.
We believe that nobody wants to get punished through panda or penguin. So we are going to discuss some basic strategies below especially for newbie's to follow while optimizing a website.

On page SEO (After Panda)
Onsite Structure of a website: - Google Panda was made to check the onpage seo structures of websites. Before starting any efforts for building backlinks it's very important to analyse on page structure of a website. Proper alignment of title, keywords and description tags is must. Placing right keywords on your website makes it more seo friendly and it's also helps search engines to categorize your site properly. After optimizing head section second thing is to optimize your site's content. Always remember one thing that your content must be original. Duplicate content can never get good ranks. You can place your keywords in content to get maximum seo exposure. Content is always king in terms with seo. Always remember to create content for users first. More grammatical mistakes mean non understandable and useless content. Content for search engines: - Writing content for search engines means placing keywords in between it. You can repeat thrice a keyword in a hundred words paragraph according to keyword density disclosed by search engines. Repeating a keyword against density may harm your site's ranking. Search engines always prioritize good written and informative articles.

Off Page SEO (After Penguin)
Link Relevancy: - after penguin update link relevancy is most important factor. You can create backlinks on such sites, related to your site's niche. Creating links on non relations may spam and penalize your site permanently. Over Optimization: - creating so many backlinks in shorter time period is comes under black hat seo techniques. Create links according to the number of pages available in your site. Don't try to create maximum links for a single page. Keep promoting all pages with different keywords. Never Use Automate softwares: - using automates to create backlinks is an easy method but it's strictly prohibited. It's an unethical technique of seo. It does not match the quality standards of Google. Whenever Google's algos detect these things it will permanently de-index your entire domain.
These are some tips if follow while seo will definitely earn good rankings. Hopefully this article will help you. Thanks for spending time.

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