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Ethical Hacking Overview

What is Ethical Hacking and basic concepts of Ethical Hacking?

Duration : 2 Hours

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Networking Overview and Details

What is Networking and types of Networks like WAN and LAN.

Duration : 2 Hours

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Virtual Technologies

What is Virtualization and How to work with Virtual Technologies?

Duration : 20 Hours

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What is Footprinting?

Footprinting Concepts and use of Footprinting for Hackers and Creckers?

Duration : 6 Hours

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Started Working With Scaning

Scaning is also called Port scaning which is used by Hackers to find out open Ports.

Duration : 6 Hours

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Advance System Hacking

Advance System hacking will teach you how to protect and hack Microsoft Windows OS.

Duration : 2 Hours

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Linux Operating System & Hacking

After Windows OS we'll see How to secure and hack Linux operating system?

Duration : 4 Hours

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How to Work With Viruses and Worms

What're viruses and in this module we'll learn to secure our system from them.

Duration : 2 Hours

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Ways to Work With Trojans and Rats

What are Trojans and Rats and Why Hackers need to create Trojans and Rats?

Duration : 2 Hours

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Working with stanography and we'll also see why hackers need stanography?

Duration : 2 Hours

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What is Sniffing? (Advance Level)

Complete concepts of sniffing and Why hackers use sniffing?

Duration : 2 Hours

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What is Phishing?

Concepts and complete details of Phishing and why and how hackers use phishing to hack?

Duration : 2 Hours

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Email Tracking & Bombing

Email Tracking and bombing systems used by hackers and protection from them.

Duration : 2 Hours

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Dos and Ddos Attacks

DOS and Ddos systems and we'll see why these systems are impotant for hackers?

Duration : 2 Hours

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XSS Atacks

XSS atacks are very important for hackers and we'll how hackers using them?

Duration : 2 Hours

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How to Work With Iframe Attacks?

Importance of Iframe atacks for hackers and we'll see how they implement this technique?

Duration : 2 Hours

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WIFI Networks and Hacking

WIFI Networks and topologies and Hos hackers taking benefits from them?

Duration : 2 Hours

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SQL Injections

What are SQL Injections and why these injections are important in hacking?

Duration : 2 Hours

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Reverse Engineering

What is reverse engineering and how hackers implement this technique to get benefit?

Duration : 2 Hours

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Mobile Devices and Hacking

Mobile technologies and how hackers getting benefits from the loop holes of Mobile technologies?

Duration : 2 Hours

Ethical Hacking Training Course Certified in Delhi

What is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing and details and learning to secure systems from Penetration technologies.

Duration : 2 Hours

Ethical Hacking Training Course Certification in Delhi

What are Firewalls and Honeypots?

Using firewalls to secure your systems and concepts of honeypots in Hacking.

Duration : 2 Hours

Certified Ethical Hacking Training Course in Delhi

Working With IDS and IPS

IDS and IPS techniques and strategies of hackers and how hackers implement these strategies to hack?


Duration : 2 Hours

CEH - Ethical Hacking Training Course in Delhi

What are the Cyber Laws in India?

At last we'll see what are the laws in India for Hacking?

Duration : 2 Hours

What is Networking

  • Networking Basics
  • How Lan and Wan Works

What is Hacking and information security systems

  • Ethical Hacking Detailed Introduction
  • History behind Hacking
  • Diffrent Layers of Hacking


How To Gather Information and create database

  • Foot Printing (Passive and Active)
  • Gather Domain Information
  • Get Information of individuals
  • diffrent kind of networking tools

How to scan Ports

  • How to guess operating system
  • Ports opening
  • guessing about the service
  • what is TCP/UDP and it's Scanning


How to use google for hacking
  • Using Searching Option in Advance
  • how to search Confidential Information of others
  • how to search database
  • how to findout Email ID's and Password
  • Know about the Various Google Operators

Attacking Methods

  • concepts related Ping of Death
  • Attacking methods in DOS and DDos
  • Different RFI/LFI Attacking systems
  • Other Attacking systems and techniques
  • Smurf methodology
  • Tear Drop Attacking systems


Cross site Scripting

  • What is XSS
  • Diferent kind of XSS
  • Working on popular websites


What is VAPT

  • how to Find out Vulnerabilities
  • How to Exploiting the Loopholes systems
  • How to test Website Penetration
  • How to test Network Penetration


Introduction to Stenography

  • what is Normal Stenography systems
  • what is Encrypted Stenography systems


Introduction to Cryptography

  • What is SKCS
  • What is PKCS
  • Algorithms of Cryptography systems

Session Hijacking Systems

  • what is Side Jacking systems
  • How to edit Cookies
  • LAN (local area connection) Hijacking systems
  • WAN (wide area network) Hijacking systems


How to Hack Email accounts

  • Tracing and tracking Email
  • how to create Fake Email ID
  • Normal and Advance Phishing techniques tricks


what is SQL Injection systems

  • Introduction to SQL
  • techniques and tricks in Advance SQL Injection
  • Tools to Work on with SQL
  • Normal SQL Injection techniques and tricks


How to crack Wireless

  • Wireless Introduction
  • What is WEP and How to Crack it
  • What is WAP and How to Crack it


What is Firewall, IDS and IPS

  • Implementing of Firewalls
  • Working with IDS and IPS technologies
  • Bypassing Methods techniques and tricks


Introduction to Honeypots

  • What are Honey Pots
  • Software Honey Pot systems
  • How to Catch Criminals


Introduction to Buffer overflow Attack

  • What is Buffer overflow
  • How to Use Buffer Attack in Buffer overflow
  • Heap and Stack systems and techniques


Creation of Malwares and viruses

  • how to create virus
  • how to create Trojans
  • how to create Spywares
  • how to create Worms
  • how to create Trojans
  • how to create Spywares
  • Introduction to bots and root kit systems and technologies

Diferent kind of Hacking Techniques in Windows

  • how to Crack User accounts in windows
  • Windows Tricks and techniques
  • Registry Hacking in windows operating system

Hacking Tricks and Techniques in Linux

  • Basic information of Linux
  • Linux Operating System History and guide
  • How to crack Linux Admin account root

Sniffing Tricks and Techniques

  • LAN Haching intro
  • Packet Sniffing systems and techniques
  • Passive and Active Sniffing tricks and techniques


Reverse Engg. Methods

  • Introduction to Reverse Engineering
  • How to use Cracking Softwares
  • Manual Cracking Methods and technologies


What Cyber Laws In India Says?


Hacking means getting unauthorized access to computer website to steal the sensitive information and use this for fulfilling their malicious purpose.

There two types of hacking:

1.Ethical Hacking
2.Unethical Hacking


Ethical hacking means is a legal hacking which is done only to find out any loopholes exist in our website so that a malicious mind of person cannot get the access and harm to our sensitive information. It is not a wrong practice that anyone should escape from it.

On the other hand, unethical hacking is illegal hacking which is done to steal the information and use them for their advantage. And it is strictly prohibited and punishable in our law.

Our institute Delhi Courses focuses and promotes ethical hacking as it acts as a safeguard for your website from unwanted person. Student will get to know how to find out any discrepancy in the computer network and fix them. They will get detailed explanation of the key areas of ethical hacking in a very interesting method, various networks, hacking tools which are the soul of hacking. Here, you will get the practical exposure which makes leaning easy.


It is crucial part where hacker must be aware of whether his system is vulnerable to risk or not. If there your website is not security proof then it is an open invitation to wrong people and they can easily steal your private information easily.

Types of computer network

The core part on which ethical hacking works is computer network which are LAN, WAN, MAN. Ethical hacking is revolved around computer networks and detailed in deepness is required in the knowledge of computer network.

LAN (Local Area Network) is a group of computers connected in a building. It covers small area. It’s coverage is not vast.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is larger network than LAN, it spans various building comes in a specified town.

WAN (Wide Area Network) comprises various MAN, its network is not restricted to a town.


Various tools are required while doing hacking. It helps in detecting any discrepancy in the computer network and can be fixed easily with such tools. These tools are Burp Suite, Netsparker, Aircrack, Ettercap, Angry IP Scanner.

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