Advance Technical Analysis (Stock Market)
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Technical Analysis Course in delhi

Share Market Overview

First of all we need to take an intro to stock market in which we'll see how stock market works and what kind of different strategies we can adopt to trade in share markets. This will be an overview of share markets in which you'll learn all the basic concepts of stock markets like from opening an account to buying an selling in live market sessions.

Duration : 4 Hours

Technical Analysis Training in delhi

Advance Technical Analysis Course

After introduction we'll proceed in deep with our course. This module will cover all the basic to advance concepts of technical analysis in which we'll learn how to trade markets using technical charts. You'll learn all chart patterns including indicators, oscillators, moving averages and sentimental indicators like CBOe., VIX & PCR. This session will turn you into the Pro. Technical Analyst.

Duration : 20 Hours

Technical Analysis Institute in delhi

Advance Derivatives Analysis

After technical analysis we'll turn our course to Derivative analysis. In this module we'll learn all basic and advance concepts of trading using derivative analysis. In this session you'll learn trading stock markets using Derivatives like stock indices, option chain analysis and best use of and advance concepts of ITM, OTM, ATM. We'll also see In Depth details and Stock repair strategies.

Duration : 20 Hours

Technical Analysis Training Course in delhi

Option Chain Analysis

Option chain analysis is very important to make your trades more successful. With the help option chain analysis you can improve the accuracy of your trades upto 90%. These strategies can help us to hedge our positions to minimize our loses. In this session we'll learn How to Trade with Long & Short Call Condor and Making of Covered Combination Construction.

Duration : 20 Hours

Technical Analysis Course Institute in delhi

Advance Option Analysis

Theoritical concepts of advance option analysis. In this session we'll learn about volatility, VIX, Deviations, Option Terms and many more things. concepts of open interest and volumes. We'll see the major players of the game and the five major mistakes you need to avoid while trading in markets.

Duration : 20 Hours

Technical Analysis Training Institute in delhi

Advance Option Strategies

At last we'll learn making advance option strategies to make your trades more successful and profitable.
We'll learn making strategies like inverse, diagonal, spread strangle, condor, combinations, covered calls/puts, cash secured calls, skip strike butterfly and many more.

Duration : 20 Hours

People still belive that stock trading is very dangerous to invest money and related to gambling. but we are at says that stock trading is not risky or it's not a game and it's not gambling it's a very good investment place and a business for those who want to make their career in this field. in our stock trading course in delhi we are contineusoly train our students on stock market. in our share market training course in delhi we discuss trading strategies on live trading platforms so that our students can learn easily about the trading concepts. we are one of the most reputed stock market institute in delhi providing training of stock trading platforms.

Module 1 : - Advance Technical Analysis Course
  • What is technical analysis (Basics)
  • history of technical analysis
  • Diffrence Between Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Trading and Trending Markets
  • How to trade news
  • which type of trader you are
  • Positions to carry or not
Crossover Methods
  • What are Moving Averages
  • setting up preiods on moving averages
  • Double crossovers
  • Triple crossovers
  • Japnese Crossovers Methods
  • Envelops Methods
  • Bollinger bands and moving averages

Technical Analysis Theories

  • Dow Theory
  • Elliot Wave Theory


Stop losses

  • What is a stop loss
  • Analyzing stoploses with diffrent indicators
  • why stop loss is important
  • why to cut your losses at time
  • Risk Management


Charts in Technical Analysis

  • Bar Charts
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Point Charts
  • Multiple Time Frames


Advanced Indicators

  • OBV
  • DMI
  • PSAR
  • IMI


Technical Indicators and oscillators

  • MACD ( Moving Averages Convergence and Divergence)
  • ROC (Rate of Change)
  • MACD Histograme
  • Williams %R
  • Bollingers Bands
  • Volume
  • Open Interest
  • Analyse Volume with Open Interest
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • Gann Theory on Analysis
  • Cycle Analysis
  • CPR (Call Put Ratios)



  • what are the Trend continuetion patterens
  • what are the reversal patterens
  • Flags
  • wedges
  • Pennants
  • Triangles
  • how to trade triangles
  • Ascending triangles
  • Descending triangles
  • Symmetrical Triangles
  • Rectangles
  • Trading Breakouts and Fackouts
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Head and Shoulders


Market Sentimental Indicators

  • PCR (Put Call Raito Analysis) Fans and Arcs
  • VIX
  • CBOe


Module 2 : - Advance Derivatives Analysis

  • What are derivatives (an overview)
  • Basic and Advance Concepts of interest rates and stock indices
  • What is a Futures Contract: Basics, Mechanism and Pricing
  • How to Analyse and Apply TA on futures contracts
  • What exactly Option Contracts are? Basics, Mechanism and Application
  • How Prices of Options Contracts Settled Down and What are Greek letters
  • Settlement of FNO (Futures ans Options)


  • What is a Marging system?
  • Introduction to Derivative Analysis (Basics)
  • What is Relation Between Prices and Open Interest
  • How to Identify Most Active Contracts
  • How to Identify Most Active:Calls and Puts
  • What is PCR (Put Call Ratio) and It's Importance
  • How to Calculate Highest in Premium

Module 3 : - Option Chain Analysis

  • Open Interest and Price relation on Advance Level
  • What are Most Active Contracts and How to Find Them
  • What are Most Active:Calls and Puts and Ways to Identify Them
  • Learn More About PCR Put Call Ratio (Advance Level)
  • What is Highest in Premium and It's Importance
  • Making of Put call ratio Strategies
  • Diffrent Types of Options ITM, OTM, ATM
  • Diffrence Between Long Call/ short Call/ long Put/ short Put


  • What is a Synthetic Long Call [married Put]
  • What is Covered Call & Put
  • Long Combo Details and Tricks
  • Wyas to Trade with Protective Call
  • What is Long & Short Strangle
  • Trading Strategies of Bull Call & Put Spread
  • Advance Tradin Strategies of Bear Call & Put Spread
  • What is Long & Short Call Butterfly and their Relation
  • How to Trade with Long & Short Call Condor
  • Making of Covered Combination Construction
  • In Depth Details of Stock Repair Strategy

Module 4 : - Advance Option Analysis

  • A BRIEF HISTORY OF OPTIONS (Theoritical Concepts)
  • INTODUCTION- THE VIX OPTIONS (Let's get More Advance)
  • How to Use IMPLIED VOLATILITY TO Make Your Trade Profitable
  • KEY OPTION TERMS -Why these Terms are Important


  • In Depth Details -Started With GREEKS: DELTA ,GAMMA,BETA,VEGA,RHO
  • OPEN INTEREST AND VOLUMES in Options -Very Important to Hedge
  • PLAYERS IN THE GAME -Let's See What They Doing

Module 5 : - Advance Option Strategies

  • Back Spread w/Calls
  • Back Spread w/Puts
  • Cash-Secured Put
  • Christmas Tree Butterfly w/Calls
  • Christmas Tree Butterfly w/Puts
  • Collar • Covered Call
  • Diagonal Spread w/Calls
  • Diagonal Spread w/Puts
  • Double Diagonal
  • Fig Leaf
  • Front Spread w/Calls
  • Front Spread w/Puts
  • Inverse Skip Strike Butterfly w/Calls
  • Inverse Skip Strike Butterfly w/Puts
  • Iron Butterfly • Iron Condor
  • Long Butterfly Spread w/Calls
  • Long Butterfly Spread w/Puts


  • Long Calendar Spread w/Calls
  • Long Calendar Spread w/Puts
  • Long Call • Long Call Spread
  • Long Combination
  • Long Condor Spread w/Calls
  • Long Condor Spread w/Puts
  • Long Put • Long Put Spread
  • Long Straddle • Long Strangle
  • Protective Put • Short Call
  • Short Call Spread
  • Short Combination
  • Short Put
  • Short Put Spread
  • Short Straddle
  • Short Strangle
  • Skip Strike Butterfly w/Calls
  • Skip Strike Butterfly w/Puts

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