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Website Designing Course in Delhi Overview

Website Designing Overview

First module will cover the basics of website designing. In this module we'll learn and get an intro about website designing to make our base strong. It'll be a two hours session.

Duration : 2 Hours

Basics of Websites in Website Designing Course

Basics of Websites

In this module we'll learn about the basic of websites like what a website exactly is and how a website workds. we'll see how to register a domain and web hosting and how to connect them. we'll also see the control panels of domains and web hosting accounts.

Duration : 4 Hours

How to start with a website while Website Designing Course

Starting With a Website

In this session we'll start working with a website to make our training 100% practicle. we'll give you a free website for one year so that you can make your own strategies during and after course. we'll also cover the different parts of a website and a webpage

Duration : 30 Hours

Major Languages of Website Designing Course

Website Languages

Now the time is to learn the Website Languages. Htese languages are HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, JQuery and Bootstrap. with the help of these languages we can create our own dedidated designs. After this session you'll be completely ready to make awesome desings using codes and attributes.

Duration : 30 Hours

Web Designing Course in Delhi

Website Designing Softwares

After coding the time is to learn about the major softwares of Website Desiging. We'll learn about Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. These softwares can help us to minimize the time of making great designs. These softwares are also called Web Editors.

Duration : 30 Hours

Web Designing Course in Delhi

Website Downloading and Uploading

After learning about the languages and softwares of website designing we'll move to downloading and uploading section. In this section we'll learn how to download and upload a website on a live server using File Zila and web hosting's file manger. After this session you'll be able to make a live website .

Duration : 4 Hours

Website and Graphic Design Course in Delhi
Module 1 - Basics of Websites
Website Basics
  • What is a Website
  • How Websites Works
  • What is a Domain
  • Whar is a Web Server and Web Hosting
  • Different Kind of Web Hostings
  • Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites
  • What are Website Portals andSearch Engines
  • Major Diffrence Between Websites, Portals and Search Engines
  • What is E-commerce website
Domian, Website Hosting and Web Server
  • How to Register a Domain
  • SEO Friendly Domain Registration
  • Different Kind of Domain Extensions
  • Why We Need Country Specific Domain Extensions
  • Why We Need a Domain
  • Why We Need a WebServer
  • Why We Need a Web Hosting
  • Difference Between Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Hosting
Module 2 - Starting With a Website
Head Section
Body Section
  • What is Head Section
  • Importance of Head Section
  • Head Section Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Open Graph Tags
  • How to Make Your Website's Head SEO Friendly
  • What is Body of a Website
  • Work of Website's Body
  • Open and Closing Tags of HTML
  • Open and Closing Tags of Body
Module 3 - Website Languages
HMTL - Hyper Text Markup Language (Basic and Advance)
CSS and CSS3 - Cascade Styling Sheets 3
  • Designing pages in HTML
  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Editors
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • Formatting,
  • Advance HTML-HTML HEAD
  • DocType
  • Scripts
  • Entities
  • URLs
  • Encode
  • HTML Media
  • W3C CODE Validation
  • XHML- X Hyper Text Markup Language
  • (XHTML Introduction, XHTML Elements, XHTML Attributes)
  • Image and link ALT Tags Creation
  • How to design responsive website in HTML
  • How to create iframes in HTML
  • How to embed videos in HTML
  • What are forms and how to create it
  • How to create registration forms in HTML
  • HTML Summary
  • Introduction to CMS
  • How to manage CMS like wordpress and joomla
  • What is CSS
  • Why CSS was Discovered
  • Importance of CSS in Websites
  • Creating Websites with CSS
  • How to Create a Website Using HTML and CSS
  • CSS Codes and Tags
  • CSS Refrences and Recources
  • What are selector in CSS
  • How to create background in CSS
  • How to create lists in CSS
  • How to use borders in CSS
  • How to use alignment in CSS
  • What is image gallery in CSS
  • What is navigation bar
  • How to use tables in CSS
  • What are dimensions in CSS
  • What is attr selectors in CSS
  • What is padding and margin in CSS
  • What is floating in CSS
  • How to use fonts in CSS
  • CSS References
  • CSS quiz
  • CSS Examples
  • CSS Summary


  • Basics,
  • Targeting,
  • Selectors,
  • Uses and Implementations,
  • Making Jquery Navigation,
  • Making Jquery Image Slide Shows,
  • Knowledge Resorces
Module 4 - Website Designing Softwares
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe Photoshop for Web CS5
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Dream weaver Basics
  • Creating Web Pages in Dreamweaver
  • Creating DIV Tags
  • Creating HTML Files
  • Creating CSS Files
  • Adobe Photoshop Introduction
  • Photoshop Basics
  • Use of Photoshop for WEB
  • WEB Layout Principals
  • Image Size
  • Colour Psychology
  • Layout and Composition
  • Filter Creation
  • Opacity Management
  • Optimization of Images
  • 960 Grid Sstem
Adobe Flash For Web CS5
  • Introduction to Adobe Flash CS5
  • Flash Basics
  • Creating web pages in Flash
  • how to create Animated and moving Objects
  • Link back to flash objects
Module 5 - Website Downloading and Uploading
  • What is an Offline Website
  • What is an Online Website
  • How to Download a Webiste
  • How to Upload a Website
  • What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • What is Host Name
  • What is FTP User Name and Password
  • What is File Zila
  • How to Use File Zile

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