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Website Development & PHP Course Overview by Delhi Courses

Website Development Overview

Let's get a basic idea about Website Development. This will be an introduction to Web Development which will give you a basic idea about development of websites. This session will make your base strong and will make you able to proceed to the next level of Website Development.

Duration : 2 Hours

Basic Web Development & PHP Course in Delhi

Basic Website Devlopment

After introduction we'll proceed to the basic of Website development. In this session we'll learn about the basic coding of website development languages and will see how websites works. after this session you'll be able to proceed to the adveance level of Website development.

Duration : 4 Hours

Start Learning Web Development & PHP Course

How to start with a website

Before proceeding to the advance level, we need to start with a website. In this session you'll get a free website for one year to implement your own practicle strategies during and after course. In this session we'll learn to register a domain name and web hosting and cennecting them.

Duration : 10 Hours

Learn Web Development Languages & PHP in Delhi courses

Website Development Languages

Now the time is to proceed with the advance level of website development. In this session we'll learn about the coding languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, Jquery and Bootstrap. This session will cover the hard core coding of Website development and will make you a professional web developer.

Duration : 30 Hours

Website Development with PHP Course in Delhi

Website Development Softwares

After codin session we'll make our command strong on softwares available for development of a website. we'll learn about the Adobe Dreamweaver and notepad+. These softwares can help you in minimizing your time in developing a website. These softwares are very important for a web developer.

Duration : 20 Hours

Website Development + PHP Course in Delhi

SQL Database Creation & Management

After softwares session we'll learn about the SQL ans MySql Databases. We'll learn what a database is and why we need a databse while developing a website. We'll learn how to create databases and how to manage them and how to take a backup of a database from cpanels to avoid crashes and website hacks.

Duration : 6 Hours

PHP & Website Development Course in Delhi

Content Management Systems

Our next session will be on CMS (Content Management Systems). In this session we'll learn about the world's best CMS Wordpress. We'll learn how to install Wordpress CMS on a server and how to create a website or a blog based on Wordpress.

Duration : 20 Hours

Website Development + PHP Course in Delhi

Downloading and Uploading websites

At last now the time is to make our website live so that it can be accessible from anywhere across the globe. We'll learn how to download and upload a website using File Zila and other FTP softwares and online tools like File Manager.

Duration : 2 Hours

Module I - Overview of Website Designing & Development Course

• What a website exactly Is?
• What is HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocols?
• What is FTP – File Transfer Protocols?
• WWW Standards
• What is a Domain?
• What is Website Hosting?
• How website works?
• What is a static website?
• What is a dynamic website?
• What are portals?
• What are search engines?
• What are Web directories?
• What is a blog?

Module II - In-depth Overview of Domain Names and Web Hosting

• Introduction to Web Hosting
• Purchasing Domain Names
• Purchasing Web Hosting
• Difference between Shared, VPS & Dedicated Servers
• Connecting Domain & Hosting
• FTP Users & Using File Zila.
• Domain Control Panels
• Web Hosting Control Panels

Starting With Website Designing Course

Module III - Getting Started with HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

• What is HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language?
• HTML Codes & Tags Overview
• Creating HTML files?
• Using Paragraph Tags?
• Using heading Tags?
• Using IMAGES in Web Pages?
• Creating Hyper Text?
• Creating Tables in HTML?
• What is marquee and how to use it?
• How to create blinking text?
• Using HR tags in HTML?
• Using Colspan & Rowspan in html?
• How to create list in html?
• Creating backgrounds in html file?
• Creating forms in HTML?
• Other Knowledge Resources?

Module IV - Getting Started with CSS – Cascade Styling Sheets

• Cascading Style Sheets Overview
• Types of CSS Style Sheets
• Use of Class Selector
• Use of ID Selector
• Using DIVS for creating a web page?
• How create menu in CSS?
• How to create dropdown menus in CSS?
• Using different fonts in CSS?
• Using alignments in CSS?
• What is padding and margin in CSS?
• What is floating in CSS?
• Creating lists in CSS
• How to create beautiful webpage in CSS?
• Other Knowledge Resource?

Starting With Website Development & PHP Course

Module V - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

• What PHP Exactly Is?
• How does PHP Works?
• Creating PHP File?
• Basic PHP Syntaxes
• Using PHP Statements and Whitespaces
• How to Use Comments in PHP?
• What Are the PHP Functions?
• Different Data Types in PHP
• What are the Variables in PHP?
• What are the Constants in PHP?
• Make Use of PHP Operators?
• Creating Dynamic Pages Using PHP Codes
• Difference between Single Quotes &. Double Quotes
• Using If and else Conditions in PHP?
• What are the Loops in PHP?
• Explaining Loops?
• What are the Arrays in PHP?
• Including Files?
• Creating registration processes in php?
• Creating login processes in PHP?
• Getting data through forms via emails?
• Creating subscription methods in PHP?
• Using URL rewriting techniques
• Creating select query in PHP?
• Creating insert query in php?
• Displaying data in PHP?
• Creating Search Box in PHP?
• Creating factorization in PHP?
• Displaying images in php?
• Displaying data in loop?
• Running sliders in PHP?
• Creating fully functional Dynamic websites Using PHP?
• How to create payment gateways in Dynamic Websites?
• Other Knowledge Resources?

Module VI - My SQL Data Bases Training Course

• MySql Methods and Properties
• Inserting and Updating Records
• MySql Prepared Statements
• Authentication with PHP and MYSQL
• A Database-less Login Form
• Session Control and Cookies
• Sessions
• Writing to a File
• File Locking
• Directory Functions
• Getting a Directory Listing
• Creating a Dreamweaver site
• Site creation - basic
• Site creation – advanced
• Uploading Files via an HTML Form
• Getting File Information
• More File Functions
• Database connections • Session Functions
• Cookies
• JavaScript language fundamentals
• mail
• PHP Mailer
• File System Management
• Reading from a File

Getting Start Working with CMS – Content Management systems Training Course

Module VII - Opencart CMS – Developing & Managing Ecommerce Websites

• What is Open Cart – An Introduction?
• How to Install Open Cart?
• How to manage an Open Cart Website?
• Installing Themes in Open Cart
• Extending Features of open Cart
• Product Management in Open Cart
• Managing Categories
• Managing Products
• Managing General
• Managing Data
• Managing Links
• Managing Attributes
• Managing Discounts
• What is Special?
• Managing Image
• Managing Options
• Creating Manufacturers or Brands
• Downloads Management
• Reviews Management
• Creating Information Pages About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
• How to Insert new pages in the Information box
• Managing Extensions
• Creating reports in Opencart?
• Localization Management
• Implementing Payment methods in opencart?
• Knowledge Resources?

Module VIII - WordPress CMS – Developing & Managing Dynamic Websites

• What is WordPress - An Introduction?
• How to Install WordPress?
• Introduction of WordPress User Interface
• Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
• Managing and Creating WP Pages
• Managing Tags
• Managing Media
• Finding and Using WordPress Plugins
• Upgrading and Extending with WordPress Plugins
• Working with WordPress Themes & Templates
• Understanding the Structures of WordPress Themes
• Installing, Configuring and Customizing Themes
• Difference between Posts & Pages
• Organizing Posts with Categories
• Make use of WP Tags
• Creating and Managing Navigations and Menus
• Knowledge Resources?

Module IX - Start Working with Live websites

• What is an Offline Website?
• What is an Online Website?
• How to Download a Website using File Zila?
• How to Upload a Website using File Zila?
• What is FTP - (File Transfer Protocols)
• What is Host Name in FileZila?
• How to Use FTP User Name and Password in FileZila?

Module X - Earning Money with Website Designing & Development Training Course

• How you can earn after website designing and development course?
• How to make use of freelancing websites?
• Promoting your services through Social Media, Bookmarking, Web Directories and Classifieds.
• How to Start with a job in web designing & development?
• How you can make money with blogging?

Effective PHP Training Creates Better Career Prospects

If you are thinking of expanding your career opportunities in the long run in Website Development or in PHP Web Development, then you can go for the PHP Course Training which we're providing in Delhi. It increases your knowledge about PHP & different database functional specifications uses by PHP. Through PHP training, you can easily learn how PHP supports superior connection to MySQL in PHP Course Training. You can even become familiar with the process of installing PHP with a PHP Training course. However, you need an appropriate web server configuration to learn PHP. If you are planning to use UNIX or Linux operating system, then download the PHP source code properly which will help you to integrate it in a well manner. There are a lot of things to learn in PHP Training Course. Some of those things have been discussed below: You can also join our PHP Training course in Delhi to learn more about PHP and Website Development.

• Method I : Encrypting Procedure in PHP Training Course

During PHP training Course, a PHP or Web Development trainee is taught the procedure of encrypting the data Using PHP and MySQL. With the help of PHP Training course we can learn to develop a Dynamic Website. It is important to ensure the security of your website While developing a site in PHP. It is to provide the safety based functionality in PHP Websites. After learning PHP , you can easily encrypt whatever data you want. Though it is the most difficult part in the PHP training, but with constant practice at our PHP Institute in delhi, one can easily get hold on PHP Course because We'll provide you PHP Training Course on Live PHP Projects

• Safeguard the PHP Source - Learn in PHP Course Which is The Most Important Part of PHP Training Course

First of all, In our PHP Training Course You'll Learn to get the source for PHP. Once you get it, the first step is over. Nextstep is to safeguard that PHP code. During entire PHP training Course, you are taught how to keep this PHP source private. The application of PHP is quite easy to disperse and handle. You will basically learn how to execute all these tasks successfully in our PHP Course Institute. It will help you provide the best of coding protection in PHP. You can join our PHP Course in Delhi to Learn more.

• Continue with Learning PHP Data Protection

The last thing which you'll learn in our PHP Course Institute is to provide protection to your intellectual data, the most suitable way of this is the use of Zend Encoder which is one of the best Encoders for PHP and Source Guardian. It is a safety product, so you don't need software along with it to use it for a PHP Website. But be careful while installing the Zend Optimizer during the procedure as it may also make some major changes in your Windows. You can learn it in our PHP Training Course Institute in Delhi.
In the above mentioned PHP training phase, you will get to know about the PHP Course sessions in details. It would help you safeguard the data in single variable while using PHP Websites. If you follow the right tips and right time while developing a PHP Website, you will be able to make most out of the sessions available. It was all you need to know to enhance your career prospects in PHP and Website Development. It helps you avoid any confusionlater on regarding the career options in PHP and Web development.

Now you may ask what the benefits of taking training for PHP are. So, the basic advantage of PHP Training course is that it provides a lot of credentials to your resume and you may easily get a betterjob in the web development industry. The situation of country in providing jobs is not good enough because the opportunities are limited and competition is high in almost every industry. That's why, with PHP training, one can easily produce good results of developing a dynamic website. There are several other benefits of going for the PHP Training. Before that, you must understand what your requirements are to reap maximum benefits from PHP training. It would definitely generate better results for you in the field of Web Development and PHP.

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